Publishers Business Services - Publisher Business Services Fake Legal Tactics

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My wife received a call about taking a business survey about a year ago. At the time we had only been married for a few months. She answered the questions, gave them her married name, we were still waiting for the Paperwork to change her name, and her work telephone number.

Three weeks later a bill arrived at our home address. They had done a search in the area and somehow found our address. I held on to the notices of non-payment thinking that one day I might need them.

We did. This guy called my wife at work, literally cussed her out and told her that she better pay or he was going to have her job, and she would go to prison. Not jail. Prison. She told him he would have to talk to me.

So he called me, told me I was a sorry piece of (expletive) and that I should be ashamed for letting my wife go to prison. I informed him he was barking up the wrong tree.

I did a little research and this company has already lost an investigation to the FTC on six major counts of fraud and misrepresentation. The next morning I called him back and stated I had filed with the NV AG, Fla AG, Alabama AG, the BBB and the FTC. He said he didn't give a *** what any of those offices said, we were paying the debt. I told him to think again. He hung up.

My wife called him an hour later and he told her I had harassed him and that the company attorneys were already filing a lawsuit against us. She told him to bring, my step-father-in-law is an attorney. They disappeared and we didn't hear anything for a few weeks, we thought they had gotten the message.

Yesterday a letter came in the mail stating that if we didn't send a letter disputing the date within 30 days, they would assume the debt to be valid. Here's the problem. Nobody knows where they are at. The addresses on the return envelopes go to PO Box numbers, but the zip on the postal stamp is in a city over 100 miles from the city listed on the envelope.

Here's what we are going to do. We are sending our letter of dispute certified mail. So, whoever picks it has to sign it, and show a valid ID to do so. If it comes back to us, and they do post it to her credit score as a trade post, we will have proof for the State of Fla and a warrant will be issued to raid and release all information pertaining to the all PO Box numbers listed on the envelopes they have sent us.

My point. I'm going to own the company when I'm done.



same thing here, but they did it to one of the girls in my office.then re arranged the recording they say they make.

they have called, threatened and sent letters. of cource we have called the magazine companies and told them what happened, had the magazines canceled at that point. They still send letters and I open them write things about them and clse it back up then have the mail return to sender.

They dont have the girls full name, SS number, or home address or any account info so what can they do..I answer the phone when they call and direct any anger I have about other problems in business or life at them when the ask for money then just sit back and laugh


I'm having the same problem with the company, if you find something out please let me know.At this point i dont know what to do.

they harass me at work, and home.I've contacted the FTC and i am unsure if i need an attorney or if i can afford one.

Publishers Business Services - Tried charging me for magazines I never received!!!!!

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They calld my job (which is always busy & the phone is always ringing off the hook) Got my info & started billing me for mags i never got!I finally calld 'em & got 'em 2 cancel even though I never received anything!

I told the lady I wasn't going to pay for something I never got! She said they take 8-10 wks. to arrive so why am I being charged shipping for 2 months!!!

Also they said if I don't pay my past due amount $61.31 ASAP (or else they'll be forced to submit to collection) I will be charged an extra month!

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Publishers Business Services and their fradulant magazines

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I am very upset with the Publishers Business Services magazines tactics.

I spoke to someone over the phone about their magazines.I agreed for a trail period but the next day I had a change of heart and decided not to because I may soon leave to go to another job.

Would you believe I was told I cannot cancel.

They have been sending the magazines - GQ, Men's Health etc.

(I am a woman) All they have is my work number, nothing else but the guy told me he can call Social Security to get my SS# and I told him I will sue him and the SS office if that happens.

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Publishers Business Services - My job

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i started there and only worked three day and then the guy fired me saying i cant do the job he didnt enven ive me a full week to try it out .when i got hired i ask were there any quotas to meet and they told me no and thr 3rd day he sai i cant produce 2 orders per shift he didnt even give me a week to get settle.

i was really hurt and pissed but i guess you got win some and losew some but that just wasn't fair or right and everybody at the job agreed that he should of at least gave me a week .anywayz thank you publishers for letting me know that ther are companies out there that are like that

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Publishers Business Services - HELP TACTIC

Stone Mountain, Georgia 1 comment
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PLEASE READ THIS FOR HELP!!I had the same awful ordeal with this company - calling my workplace to take a survey, bills, no cancellation policy, rude customer service reps, a recorded tape they won't let me hear anymore, etc...And the money issues were outrageous: threatening me with collection agenices and bad credit if I refused to pay.

For 5 months while I worked on getting my account cancelled, I paid the monthly fee until I finally got a settlement fee contract out of them for $125. Of course, they took my money for the settlement but the account was never closed and I kept receiving bills. I spent almost $200 before I managed to find some information about an open investigation that the Florida Attorney General's office has against them. So when I called back to at least get them to stop the bills and leave me alone, I told them about the investigation and how I was going to write to not only to the FL AG, but also the NV AG, the AG of the state I reside in, the Better Business Bureau, and the Federal Trade Commission.

They hung up on me! I was all lined up to call back a couple hours later to try again and I received a phone call from the company! The rep told me that the account had been closed (I got a confirmation number too), a letter was being sent to me for my records about the closure, no action would be taken against my credit report and I would be receiving $24 back (apparently, I had overpaid somehow - another twist to their billing scams!) So if they are going to threaten you, threaten them right back!

It may just get them to leave you alone too.

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Killeen, Texas, United States #9686

I followed your advice, called and threatened them to write to the Attorney General of my State, said that I was gonna create a blog and gather people in my state that were also victims of their company to write and make complains about the company and it worked!The guy said I was still gonna receive the magazines for the first 2 years but I wasn't gonna be financially liable for them and gave me a 5-digit cancellation number and all.

I said I didn't want the magazines even for free he said he couldn't cancel the delivery but I wouldn't have to pay for it.

But I do hope they can contact the real publishers and stop the magazines from being mailed.I don't want anything to do with this company ever again.

I wonder if I should follow up on the cancellation....

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